Organising Committee

Organising Committee EUSE2022 Conference

Grete Wangen – Coordinator

Ane Stø - Directorate for Work and Welfare

Gry Strømsnes - Directorate for Work and Welfare

Tonje Sanden Sannes – Oslo Metropolitan University

Hans Arnetsen – SENO

Maj Sandum Thrane – SENO

Kikki Aarnseth – SENO

Brit Uthne – SENO

Toril Gogstad – SENO

President EUSE

Luc Henau – SUEM.BE, Director GTB Belgium

EUSE Vice Presidents

Edyth Dunlop – Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment (NIUSE)

Kaiti Katsouda – Hellenic Association for Supported Employment (ELETYPE)

Huw Davies – British Association for Supported Employment (BASE)

Andrea Seeger, German Association for Supported Employment (BAG UB)

Arbeid & Inkludering

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