Call for papers

We would like to invite all engaged in the employment arena, from NGOs, public employment services, policy makers, government agencies, recipients of employment services, academics and researchers to share their knowledge, skills and expertise on a range of themes intended to promote the best practice approaches in Supported Employment and work inclusion strategies.

Before starting the submission, please review the Theme Document and the Guidelines for presenters



·         Innovation

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Job development

·         Follow-up services for employers

·         Career development

·         Lifelong learning

·         Digital skills

·         Supported Employment in different organisational systems


·         Assistive technology

·         Career guidance

·         Supported Education

·         Management and leaderships

·         SE for different target groups

·         Employers’ perspectives

·         Individual choice and autonomy

·         Co-creation

·         Co-production


Organising Committee EUSE2022 Conference
Grete Wangen – Coordinator
EUSE Vice Presidents

Edyth Dunlop – Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment (NIUSE)
Kaiti Katsouda – Hellenic Association for Supported Employment (HASE)
Huw Davies – British Association for Supported Employment (BASE)
Markus Neuherz, Austrian Association for Supported Employment (DABEI-AUSTRIA)
Andrea Seeger, German Association for Supported Employment (BAG UB)

President EUSE
Luc Henau – SUEM.BE, Director GTB Belgiu

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